• No Ammonia, No Fragrance, No Alcohol
  • Long Lasting, natural looking coloured hair achieved and conditioned with natural herbal extracts
  • Available from selected salons throughout the UK
  • Not tested on animals
  • Suitable for Vegans
Colour Shades
The colours in the Herb range number 1 to 30.
Numbers 1 – 10 can be used by themselves, or mixed with any of the other shades, including the concentrates.Numbers 11 – 30 can be used independently to add tones, or with a base shade to cover white or grey hair.


Using swatches on the shade chart, decide on the natural depth of the client’s hair. If the hair is predominately white this must be determined by consultation with the client, but also using your own judgement. At this stage all you need to determine is how light, or dark you believe the hair should be.

1-10 are the base shades (Naturals) and correspond to the international numbering system. If you have previously used another manufacturer’s brand on a base of a 6 you
would use 6 in the Herb range.

11-15 are the Golds (the second number denotes the base) ie 14 is a base 7

16-18 are the Mahogany tones

19-22 are the Copper tones

23-28 are the Ash tones

29-30 are the Copper Gold tones

HFF1 – HFF6 are the Flash Fashion tones


ColourHerbe Hair Colours may contain the following:
Laureth-5, propylene glycol; aqua; PEG-2 oleamine; ethanolamine; p-phenyelendiamine; aloe barbadensis extract; PEG-75; meadowfoam oil; Echinacea augustifolia extract; betula alba leaf extract; 2-aminophenol 4 sulfonic acid; resorcinol; hamamelis virginiana extract; sodium metabisulfite; tetrasodium EDTA; cetrimonium chloride; 2,4 diaminophenoxyethanol HCL; m-aminophenol; 2 amino 3 hydroxypiridine; p-aminophenol; o-aminophenol; 1.5 dihydroxynaphtalene.

Flash Fashion ColourHerbe may contain the following:
Laureth-5; propylene glycol; aqua; PEG-2 oleamine; ethanolamine; 4-amino 2-hydroxytoluene; 2-amino 3 hydroxypiridine; 3-nitro-p-hydroxyethylaminophenol; aloe barbadensis extract; PEG-75 meadowfoam oil; p-phenylenediamine; Echinacea augustifolia extract; 2-amino-6-chloro-4-nitrophenol; HC red 3; betula alba leaf extract; p-aminophenol; hamamelis virginiana extract; 4-chlororesorcinol; sodium metabisulfite; 1.5 dihydroxynapthtalene; tetrasodium EDTA; 2,4 diaminophenoxyethanol HCL; cetrimonium chloride; o-aminophenol; HC blu 3 solid; HC yellow 4; 2,6 dihydroxyethylaminotoluene.