• No Ammonia, No Fragrance, No Alcohol
  • Long Lasting, natural looking coloured hair achieved and conditioned with natural herbal extracts
  • Available from selected salons throughout the UK
  • Not tested on animals
  • Suitable for Vegans


ColourHerbe has 4 concentrates, red, silver, gold and blue, which together with the 30 shades on the chart can be mixed to match any colour from any other range.
As they use stable colour pigments the concentrates can be used by themselves for really vibrant results.
Each Concentrate has a natural depth:
Blue is a depth of 1
Red is a depth of 6
Gold is a depth of 7
Silver is a depth of 8
Blue: Only use for a blue / black result. A great tip is to use on Chinese, or Asian hair to get a “bluebottle” effect.
Red: If used alone on white hair will give “pillar box” results and can be used to warm any colour. As with all concentrates, use sparingly, if mixing to warm up a colour.
Gold: Use to emphasise coppers to add a rich glow.
Silver: Use when lifting to help subdue natural warmth.

Further details on how to apply the concentrates see page 16 of the ColourHerbe Technical Manual which you can download for FREE here.